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I would like to extend my appreciation to American Finasco for the outstanding results of the service that was provided to my company. I discovered American Finasco through their website during my search for an organization that assisted commercial businesses experiencing financial distress. We assigned 127 creditor claims that totaled $315,643.00.


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Small Business Bankruptcy

Small businesses are considered the heart and soul of America’s economy. Although many set out to achieve the American Dream of owning their own business, some run into financial issues that force them to consider a small business bankruptcy. In such a situation, small businesses file for Chapter 11 and that can result in a whole new set of problems for small businesses owners. When filing a Chapter 11 for a small business bankruptcy, the business remains in operation and the debtor, referred to as a debtor in possession, will work in a similar fashion as a court-appointed trustee. Courts then approve plans to reorganize or liquidate the corporation’s assets.

Small business bankruptcy is not necessarily the easy way out. Filing a small business bankruptcy can mean the courts can delve into your affairs and books, leaving the owner with little or no control of the business they once fought hard to make happen. Court appearances are also a part of the small business bankruptcy equation. That means time and money that could be well spent elsewhere will instead go toward paying expensive legal fees. Also, some small business owners may have to file more than once, costing them even more precious time and money. Small business bankruptcy is a costly, time-consuming and irritating way of resolving a debt issue.

Using American Finasco, Inc’s Debt Resolution Plan, small businesses can avoid many of the hassles connected with a small business bankruptcy. Through the plan, small businesses can save money by not having to pay high legal fees. American Finasco, Inc uses the National Attorney Network, which utilizes a flat fee schedule. Also, they can reduce the filing costs and distribute the money to creditors. They let creditors know that they are handling the debt, which can stop harassments by phone, email, letters and other methods. Owners considering a small business bankruptcy can rest assured that American Finasco, Inc. will help them avoid the dark world of a small business bankruptcy.

Any small business owner who thinks that they can easily build up their credit should know that a small business bankruptcy can remain on their record for up to 10 years. In addition to having court-appointed trustees in charge of the small business bankruptcy, a small business owner may have to make court appearances, pay legal fees, do extra paperwork and spend time away from doing what they wanted to do in the first place – run a business of their own. Anyone facing a small business bankruptcy should consider American Finasco, Inc. as a viable solution.

American Finasco, Inc’s plan is the perfect solution for owners in a small business bankruptcy. They have a staff well-prepared to handle the issues associated with a small business bankruptcy and has a plan that works in the owner’s favor, not the courts or creditors. They can solve small business bankruptcy problems and give an owner the peace of mind they desperately need.

Considering an Alternative to Small Business Bankruptcy

[Posted on May 21]

With one of the toughest economies in recent memory, many businesses that just a few years ago were expanding now find themselves facing some of the toughest obstacles and difficulties due to debt.  If you are a company that is fighting hard to stay afloat, but find that you are drowning in debt, you may have considered small business bankruptcy.  If you have and realized it is not the right choice for you, American Finasco can help.  We offer a debt resolution plan that is highly effective in managing debt and assisting businesses get back on the right track to success.

Bankruptcy is Not for Everyone
While small business bankruptcy can be an effective way to reduce debt, it is not the perfect solution for all businesses, in fact for many businesses that are fighting to stay alive, bankruptcy can not only cost lots of money when you consider astronomical legal and filing fees, but also reduce flexibility when a company needs it most.  While it is important and necessary to consider all of your options, if you have decided that small business bankruptcy is not the approach you want to take, American Finasco may be able to help you manage your debt effectively.

American Finasco Offers Plenty of Experience and Resources
There are many benefits of utilizing American Finasco to help you with your serious debt situations, some of our key benefits include our experience of over 20 years and the wide variety of resources and strategies that we can employ.  For over 20 years, we have helped all types and size companies deal with their serious debt issues.  During this time, we have seen just about every type of financial situation.  This is why we are overwhelming positive that no matter the situation, we can be of great service.  We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.  This is why we work hard to understand each of our clients and work on a strategy that implements some of our best resources and skilled talent.  For an effective way to manage debt, American Finasco offers an alternative to small business bankruptcy.

Contact Us Today for a Consultation
Make the first step and contact American Finasco today for a consultation.  This way we can learn more about your business and we can inform you in detail regarding our service and many resources and strategies that we employ.  Don’t delay, we can help you to get back on the right track and back to prosperity ultimately avoiding small business bankruptcy.

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