From the President of a Gift Catalog Company in MD

I would like to extend my appreciation to American Finasco for the outstanding results of the service that was provided to my company. I discovered American Finasco through their website during my search for an organization that assisted commercial businesses experiencing financial distress. We assigned 127 creditor claims that totaled $315,643.00.


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What Makes Us Different?

National Attorney Network

A network of attorneys is available to handle necessary legal matters and court filings on your behalf. This is accomplished at a fraction of the cost of most other attorneys who will ask for a large retainer before they will accept the case. This referring attorney network is a major difference in American Finasco’s continued success. Few, if any competitors offer this service to their clients. Read more »

American Finasco is committed to, and firmly believes that the extensive attorney network we have established sets us apart from all other debt restructuring organizations. We are not attorneys and therefore are not licensed to give legal advice.

With the huge number of lawsuits, costs of litigation, and overcrowded court dockets, small to medium size businesses need a reasonably priced and obtainable systematic method of solving debt problems. It is extremely costly, time consuming and stressful to hire attorneys. American Finasco began developing a National Attorney Network in 1988 shortly after its inception. It became apparent that most clients could not afford to hire an attorney and/or did not know how to go about hiring an attorney.

Clients would therefore ignore the courts demands and in many cases the result was the filing of a default judgment against the client. A judgment filing can be devastating to a business when court ordered collection action is taken.

Third Party Intervention

Third-party intervention facilitates a new line of communication between debtors and creditors. The resulting solutions are extremely attractive to business owners. American Finasco is often the answer for a business to obtain an effective solution to their delinquent debt, return to a profitable financial status, and avoid bankruptcy. American Finasco has helped thousands of companies of all sizes strengthen their working capital.

Our National Network of attorneys and our Third Party Intervention are not the only difference. The following are also the way we separate ourselves from the competition.

Negotiating Team: An effective, highly trained team of professional account executives, whose job is to negotiate and manage the debt reduction process, has over 30 years of combined experience. They are committed to helping financially stressed companies improve their chance of a successful business turnaround, improved cash flow, and achieve a significant reduction of their accounts payable. This experience and professional approach has proven to be very beneficial resulting in debt consolidation by achieving settlements with a large number of creditors and their representatives. This also gives us a major advantage with creditors, collection agencies, and attorneys we work with repeatedly.

Dedicated To Service: The Account Executive assigned to your claims is available to give you progress updates on claims assigned, answer any questions, and provide immediate assistance on legal or high priority claims. A telephone interview will be conducted to verify information regarding your company’s financial condition and review the assigned claims. The corporate headquarters also has an experienced, well-trained administrative staff waiting to provide the highest possible level of service to clients. We strive to deliver good service, a high standard of credibility, and respond professionally to all creditors and their representatives.

A Pro-Active Approach: American Finasco will contact your creditors, collection agencies or attorney representatives that are assigned to the collection of your delinquent debt. American Finasco clients receive immediate relief from creditors and their pressure for payment. You will divert telephone calls to American Finasco. This will allow you more time to build your business uninterrupted by collection calls.

Confidentiality: Clients of American Finasco are assured of the highest level of confidentiality when handling sensitive information about your company. Information obtained for negotiating purposes will be provided to the Account Executive. The disclosure of sensitive information is discussed with the client prior to any disclosures.

Cost Effective Proven Program: The past 24 years, American Finasco, Inc. has averaged over a 95% success rate in negotiating a reduction and settlement of our client’s debt. We average a total cost of 60-65 cents on the dollar of the assigned delinquent debt. This average total cost includes the reduced amount to the creditor and American Finasco fees. Because our settlement fees are based on a percent of the savings to our client, we have an incentive to achieve the greatest reduction possible.

Client Protection: All signed settlement documents are presented to the client. Settlement documents on litigation claims are reviewed by an attorney to ensure the language incorporated into the agreement fully protects our clients.

Attorney Availability: American Finasco has an attorney in all markets across the United States where we have a sales presence. There are additional cities we can offer legal representation in also. Should a creditor file a lawsuit against you or your company in another county, city, or state, we most likely have an attorney to refer the case to and to represent you.

Reduced Legal Fees: American Finasco referring attorneys’ are under contract to bill legal fees according to an agreed upon schedule. The legal fees are far less in comparison to the normal hourly rates charged by other local attorneys. This rate varies from state to state and the charges in your local area can be obtained for your review. (Example: $125.00 flat fee for filing answer to lawsuit, and without a retainer being required by the attorney). This attorney will be the attorney of record on cases assigned to him by American Finasco.

Team Relationship: The American Finasco negotiators work closely with the referring attorney in tracking the progress of the lawsuit, and get updates on future legal actions that may be filed. The attorney representing you will not negotiate your legal matter. An Account Executive in the corporate office will negotiate through the settlement process.

Keeping you Informed:  American Finasco clients are notified when their legal matters are referred to an attorney within the Network. American Finasco fully discloses all information regarding the referring attorney to our clients. We encourage our clients to work with this attorney on any other non-debt related matters that need legal discernment.

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