From the President of a Gift Catalog Company in MD

I would like to extend my appreciation to American Finasco for the outstanding results of the service that was provided to my company. I discovered American Finasco through their website during my search for an organization that assisted commercial businesses experiencing financial distress. We assigned 127 creditor claims that totaled $315,643.00.


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Professional Debt Settlement Firms Facilitate Negotiations with Creditors, Restores Relationships with Vendors

For many businesses, the loss of a single significant client or deal in which much time and money was invested can be financially crippling. Before long the financial challenge of recovering from the loss and regaining a strong foothold within the marketplace can become overwhelming - leaving many business owners and company executives feeling ill-equipped and drowning in debt.

As creditors begin their persistent pursuit to retrieve payments owed and vendors begin to close lines of credit, bankruptcy often seems like the only solution. But, it isn't.

Today professional business debt negotiating firms provide a team of financial and legal advisors, customer service representatives and account executives to turn the score around and get struggling businesses back to a winning game.

These companies work with creditors and vendors on their behalf, allowing executives to stay focused on the day-to-day operations and plans for renewed growth. Over the years, these debt management companies have saved thousands of businesses from the expense and negative impact of bankruptcy. While reducing the overall debt owed, they are able to restore important alliances with vendors and partner businesses, ensuring longevity in a competitive market.

Aside from managing communications with collection agencies, attorneys and other creditors, restoring or retaining established trust in the marketplace is probably the greatest value such debt negotiating firms can provide to businesses finding themselves in financially challenged times.

A professional firm specializing in commercial debt management and restructuring not only provides professional and knowledgeable support when negotiating with creditors, offering all the creditor relief of Chapter 11 without filing bankruptcy and powerful network of attorneys, but also helps to establish a sound financial plan for future growth.

Too often businesses in financial difficulty are unsure how to properly respond to creditors, though taking the first simple steps of proposing a settlement can serve as a crucial indicator of sincerity to repay and restore sound relationships. A professional counselor can take a bird's eye view of a company's financial condition, address the most critical needs and work towards an overall resolve. Unlike the debt dissolution goal of bankruptcy closing a chapter in the life of a business, business debt negotiation works to reduce debt while restoring the financial and market health of a business.

An experienced debt settlement and restructuring firm can help draft the right payment plan that is both sincere to creditors and feasible for debtors.

Ultimately, creditors want to see a long-term plan for debt relief - including not only a repayment schedule but also a revenue generation plan - underscoring sincerity to fulfilling obligations and commitment to rebuilding business alliances. A business debt settlement and restructuring firm that is committed to helping financially strained companies improve their chances of achieving business success provides a tremendous service to businesses and the economical strength of a community on the whole.

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