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I would like to extend my appreciation to American Finasco for the outstanding results of the service that was provided to my company. I discovered American Finasco through their website during my search for an organization that assisted commercial businesses experiencing financial distress. We assigned 127 creditor claims that totaled $315,643.00.


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Debt Reduction

Even in the best of times, a business owner should always maintain their debts. A business that owes more than it makes in profit can find itself heading toward financial disaster and business closure. While owing someone is usually a part of the equation for running a business, it is possible for business owners to have more debts than it can handle. Debt reduction is one option a business can look into rather than face bankruptcy. With debt reduction, a business can lower its debt obligation, keep running and avoid bankruptcy. Some business owners may think that debt reduction may not work for them, but it is a viable alternative to filing for bankruptcy. Getting the right debt reduction service is essential, so a business owner will need good debt counseling in order to do so successfully.

Debt reduction for a business can save them the annoyances connected with bankruptcy. In the past, a business facing financial ruin could simply file for bankruptcy, usually Chapter 11, and be protected from creditors and lawsuits. Today, new laws have made it more difficult for businesses to file for bankruptcy. In response to bankruptcy abuses by businesses that went into debt, the U.S. Congress passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. Now, businesses who file for bankruptcy are scrutinized more closely. The courts will assign a trustee to look over a company’s financial transactions and the owner will have to twice the paperwork. Legal fees from court appearances can mount as well, leaving business owners with more debt than they already have. Debt reduction would have been a better choice. With debt reduction, a business owner can avoid bankruptcy issues, lessen the headaches they have and concentrate on running their business without the interference of outside entities in the judicial system. Debt reduction can keep the creditors happy and out of the hair of business owners already weighed down with hassles.

Through American Finasco, Inc., business owners can find debt reduction services at a reasonable cost through it Debt Resolution Plan. This plan is designed to help businesses find ways of reducing their debts through debt consolidation, where all debts are combined into one. Other debt reduction services include debt counseling performed by American Finasco, Inc has experienced staff members. With debt reduction, business owners can feel good about themselves again. Confidence is so important in today’s business world and American Finasco, Inc. knows that a business owner will need a boost as well as good advice on what is the best thing to do. Debt reduction is one way to boost their confidence back to where it needs to be.

Utilizing debt reduction can be the best thing a business owner can do when facing a possible bankruptcy. American Finasco, Inc. is there to help. With its debt reduction services, business owners can avoid bankruptcy and keep themselves in business – something they will want to do if ever faced with bankruptcy. Business owners should trust American Finasco, Inc’s debt reduction availabilities. It really is the best option.

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