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I would like to extend my appreciation to American Finasco for the outstanding results of the service that was provided to my company. I discovered American Finasco through their website during my search for an organization that assisted commercial businesses experiencing financial distress. We assigned 127 creditor claims that totaled $315,643.00.


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Debt Counseling

Sometimes people just need some good advice. Business owners are no different. They face difficulties in managing their business and just need some direction sometimes. This is especially true when a business owner is facing the possibility of bankruptcy. Some good debt counseling would be just thing to help them through financial difficulties and can be a great alternative as opposed to filing for bankruptcy. Getting the right debt counseling is important. They do not want to be given bad advice by inexperienced debt consolidation companies, whose interest is more for making money for themselves than helping a business get out of debt. Nothing could be more disastrous. Good debt counseling can prevent a business from going out of business and avoid bankruptcy.

Debt counseling can come in several forms. It can mean a trained professional working for a business debt consolidation company can sit down with a business owner and look over their debts. Once they do that, they can use debt consolidation services to merge all of the business’ debts in one, which usually means the business will end up paying one monthly note instead of 10 or 20 or more. Debt counseling also means that if a business has to file for bankruptcy, they will help the business through it step by step so there are no surprises. That includes knowing how to handle the legal side of a bankruptcy. With the new laws concerning bankruptcy, a business owner will want the right debt counseling in order to wade through the legal system with very few problems.

American Finasco, Inc. is equipped to give out good debt counseling through its professional staff who have years of experience dealing with businesses in debt. With its Debt Resolution Plan, American Finasco, Inc. can provide debt counseling to any business of any size. They have debt counseling services that can help with debt consolidation, business loans, and any accounts payable problem. If a company is in need of debt counseling, American Finasco, Inc. is the place to look.

Don’t think that bankruptcy is the only option. There are new laws that require more paperwork than before, extra fees for filing, the possibility of filing as an individual as well as a business, annoying involvement of court-appointed trustees, and strenuous appearances in court. This does not include possible high legal fees. American Finasco, Inc. can help with advice for just about any bankruptcy situation. They can even help businesses avoid bankruptcy. Debt counseling is one of the many ways American Finasco, Inc. assist businesses throughout the country.

There is nothing wrong with having to seek debt counseling when financial woes loom on the horizon. Business owners can be overwhelmed and good advice is always appreciated. With American Finasco, Inc’s debt counseling services, a business owner can rest assured that they will be led down the right path to financial success again. American Finasco, Inc. has better alternatives for business facing bankruptcy. Debt counseling is just one of many. Business owners can put their trust in American Finasco, Inc’s debt counseling options.

American Finasco's Debt Counseling Services

With today’s tough economic conditions, it is harder than ever to stay above water. Add in lots of debt and many businesses that are trying to stay afloat are quite nervous and anxious about the future. If you are a business that is under a lot of pressure due to debt, you may think there are not that many options to get your business back on the right track, however you should know that there are several effective strategies that are not only fairly straightforward to implement, but have been proven to work time after time- debt counseling services are one of the strategies.

American Finasco Debt Counseling Services

American Finasco offers a wide range of services and one of the most popular services we offer to those businesses that are deep in debt is debt counseling. Debt counseling can be the difference between success and failure and with our service, we have helped a wide variety of businesses reduce debt immediately. In addition, we also assist in creating a plan of action to get your business back on track to profitability. No matter what type or size business you are, our debt counseling services can be an extremely resourceful strategy to stabilizing your company.

Bankruptcy is Not Always the Best Option

Lots of businesses that are looking for a fresh start or clean slate, usually consider bankruptcy. And while bankruptcy may be the right choice for businesses that do not have decent fundamentals or the will to succeed, if you desperately want to get your business back on track- bankruptcy is not always the best option. There are several downsides to bankruptcy, especially since the laws have changed just a few years ago. Today, if you file for corporate bankruptcy the court may also require you to also file for personal bankruptcy if you have personal debt tied into your business. In addition, filing fees and legal fees are extremely high, making many business owners regret that they didn’t negotiate debt or pay debt down in the first place. And during bankruptcy, the court can wield significant control over your business- a time when you need flexibility the most. These are just some of the reasons why many businesses opt for debt counseling instead of filing for bankruptcy.

America Finasco Offers Over 20 Years of Experience

We have over 20 years of experience helping businesses. During this time we have helped companies overcome practically every debt challenge imaginable- we are confident that we can help you as well. If you are suffering from debt, contact us today so that we can assist you with debt counseling or another effective debt strategy that we offer.

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