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I would like to extend my appreciation to American Finasco for the outstanding results of the service that was provided to my company. I discovered American Finasco through their website during my search for an organization that assisted commercial businesses experiencing financial distress. We assigned 127 creditor claims that totaled $315,643.00.


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Debt Consolidation

Running a business usually means not just making money, but having to pay various entities for services. When a business finds it cannot pay for these services due to poor sales, failing health, misuse of funds or other reasons, the only option seemingly available is to file for bankruptcy. However, there are other options. Debt consolidation is one way to mange debts where creditors can be paid, the business stays open and a lot of stress can be relieved. Debt consolidation is where all a business’ debts are combined into one debt and then the business just owes one monthly payment. Some business owners may think debt consolidation is way out of their scope to be a reality. On the other hand, bankruptcy can mean more trouble and stress for business owners.

If an owner believes the only way to relive itself of multiple debts is to file for bankruptcy, they should be aware of some things. The provisions for filing for bankruptcy, such as Chapter 11, can be much riskier due to the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. This law includes several changes that business owners may find tough and unfriendly. There are new reporting requirements, extra paperwork, and provisions that allow a court-appointed trustee to look after the company. Debt consolidation can be a better answer. Through debt consolidation, a business owner can have all of their debts placed under one simple monthly payment. Debt consolidation can be a great alternative since it keeps the business owner out of court and in their office. Debt consolidation is a fair and legal way for business to pay their debts and keep from having to put the dreaded “Out of Business” sign in the window.

American Finasco, Inc. has a great plan for debt consolidation. They offer debt consolidation services to any business of any size. Their debt counseling staff members can work with business owners and help them decide which way works for them the best. They can even help a business avoid bankruptcy. Through debt consolidation, American Finasco, Inc. will help business owners assess their debts, decide which creditor needs to be paid, help them with business loans, and keep from going under. Debt consolidation is a better alternative than filing for bankruptcy in most cases.

Business owners who wants to avoid bankruptcy should look into what American Finasco, Inc has to offer. Their trained staff can help business walk through a debt consolidation process, so they are never on their own. Business owners do not have to worry about creditors harassing them over debts. American Finasco, Inc. steps in and lets the creditors know that they will have to deal with them for the duration of the debt. This can take out a lot of the emotional stress connected to a possible bankruptcy. They know the inner workings of debt consolidation and help business owners find the right way to make debt consolidation work for them. Debt consolidation through American Finasco, Inc. is a great solution to any accounts payable problem.


Debt Consolidation is a Better Option than Bankruptcy

[Posted on December 1]

With the economic environment becoming extremely tough, those with cash flow and debt problems are probably looking for ways to not only reduce debt, but get cash flowing once again.  One type of service that has been very effective at reducing debt and improving cash flow is debt consolidation.  Debt consolidation involves combining a business’ debts into one payment. This is a great way for businesses to remain up and running and paying off their creditors.

Bankruptcy Laws have Changed
It used to be that a business that faced too much debt used to be able to simply file for bankruptcy and that gave this company a clean slate and fresh start. Today, that is not as true as it used to be. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 included several changes to bankruptcy laws and it is more difficult now to file for bankruptcy. The paperwork is doubled now because a business has to file as both a business and an individual. Court-appointed attorneys are now placed in charge of a company’s books and that can lead to a lot of headaches. Debt consolidation can help a business avoid all that.  All of a business’ debts can be placed under one umbrella, preventing the hassles of going through a bankruptcy. A debt consolidation also helps a business get out of debt quickly and get back to doing what they do best – running a business.

American Finasco Can Help with Debt Consolidation
If you are seeking a debt consolidation services, then consider what American Finasco has to offer. Our debt consolidation services are available to all businesses, whether they are big or small. We also offer a large staff and plenty of resources that can assist any business with debt consolidation. American Finasco has helped numerous businesses in the past and we are confident that we can help yours.   

We Offer Many Services
American Finasco provides many other services in addition to helping business owners with debt consolidation such as business debt help, business debt reduction, business debt relief and business debt restructuring. Debt consolidation is just one of the many services available through American Finasco.  Contact us today for more information. 

To learn more on how American Finasco’s debt consolidation service can help your business, please contact us directly today.

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